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Can you be a Buddhist if you don’t believe in karma and reincarnation?

I am sometimes asked this question, especially at the end of an introductory class on Buddhism.  The person asking me will usually have been struck by one of the life-enhancing insights offered by the Dharma.  Perhaps they have experienced the gentle but powerful impact that meditation has on our state of mind.  Many Buddhist teachings have a strong resonance among busy Westerners for a variety of reasons.


Posted on: Apr 26, 2016

Do you know your pet from a previous lifetime? Call out for stories!

The Buddhist view is that those who come into our lives, aren’t here by chance.  They are with us because of a previously created cause.  Perhaps they are drawn to us, or another family member or even where we live.  Some kind of connection, previously established, has given rise to the current effect of them being with us.


Posted on: Apr 17, 2016

5 Benefits of Suffering

Most of us will do whatever we can to avoid suffering.  We don’t like the idea of it.  We don’t much like even the word.  Whether it’s trivial inconvenience or major life-changing suffering we want no part of it.  But the reality is that for much of our lives we experience some level of dissatisfaction.   This was Buddha’s first ‘Noble Truth’ – or as The Dalai Lama puts it, his first ‘fact of life.’ Buddhism has many ways of reframing our experience of reality, to find mental outcomes that better serve us.  What is beneficial about suffering? When we go through a terrible experience – health, financial, legal, relationship or other problems – our empathy for others in the same situation develops quite naturally.  We really know how they feel.  We feel the same.  Because of our suffering, we can relate to them strongly, in a heartfelt way.  Our capacity for empathy deepens.


Posted on: Mar 30, 2016

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