Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate

Why Mindfulness is better than Chocolate

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David Michie
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How to be with your pet during the death process: Tibetan Buddhist practices

As animal lovers, the loss of our pet is something we dread.  My wife and I have gone through this very recently, with the death of our much-loved cat, Mambo.


Posted on: Feb 24, 2015

Does meditating slow ageing? What science says.

Many factors that affect the ageing process.  But a growing body of scientific research shows how the very gentle practice of meditation can have a powerful impact.


Posted on: Feb 10, 2015

Create more space in your life without changing what you do

http://youtu.be/8jV5hdF7Uq0   One of the most stress-inducing ideas, when we’re crazy busy, is the one that we just don’t have time to relax.  We’d love to push back for a while.  In fact, we’re desperate for it.  But we put the idea out of our mind because we’ve still got a pile of work to get through, and there just isn’t any opportunity for downtime.


Posted on: Feb 3, 2015

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