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David Michie is the internationally best-selling author of a number of books about mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism.  These include the non-fiction titles Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate, Hurry Up and Meditate and Buddhism for Busy People, as well as his popular novel series The Dalai Lama’s Cat. His books are available in 25 languages in over 30 different countries.

David has been delivering mindfulness and meditation seminars to a diverse range of audiences for the past five years.  These include participating in ongoing programs under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Management – University of Western Australia Business School, Executive Education, as well as for a wide range of private, public and not-for-profit organisations including Bankwest, Ernst and Young, Woodside, Wesfarmers, Leading Edge Books, Heart Foundation, Cancer Support Association, Rotary, Medicare, Department of Health and the Tibetan Buddhist Society.

David has been a keynote speaker at a number of national conferences including the Happiness & Its Causes Conference  in Sydney and Australian Meditation Conference in Melbourne.  He has also been commissioned to contribute to a variety of major newspapers and magazines such as The Times of India – the world’s largest English language newspaper, The Daily Telegraph (UK), USA Today, The Australian and a very wide variety of other traditional and digital publications. 

David’s blog on mindfulness and related subjects at www.davidmichie.com  attracts a global audience of thousands of visitors each week.  He has recorded guided meditations used in-flight by Air New Zealand, some of which are also available as free downloads from his website.

David was born in Zimbabwe, educated at Rhodes University, South Africa, and lived in London for ten years. A student of the Tibetan Buddhist Society, his teachers are Les Sheehy, Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. He is married and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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Are Buddhists non-theists or atheists – and what’s the difference?

Buddhism is a non-theistic tradition, meaning that it does not involve a belief in God.  The focus of Buddhism is on the nature of mind.


Posted on: Jan 27, 2015

Do animals have souls that go to heaven? The Buddhist view.

Late last year there was quite a stir when it was reported that Pope Francis had told a young boy that animals have souls which go to heaven.


Posted on: Jan 20, 2015

Why my new book is NOT called ‘Mindfulness is Better than Sex’

Book titles can be challenging for an author.  In a noisy world where everyone is competing for people’s attention, how do you distill the essence of a 300 page book into a title and strapline of just a few words?  And do so in a way that makes a reader want to pick the book up or click for more? I am well aware that store shelves are heaving with books on mindfulness and meditation.  At first glance they may seem to cover the same ground.  But as a mindfulness teacher, I realised that none of them provided a lucid account not only of the stress management benefits of meditation, but also of the many other physical and psychological benefits.  An explanation of why mindfulness, coupled with cognitive behaviour training can profoundly shift our inner narrative from a negative to a positive trajectory.  And most important of all, an account of what exactly mind is, and the nuts and bolts of how we can experience our own true nature.


Posted on: Jan 13, 2015

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